It's Your Weather, Why Not USE It!

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WeatherBox Key Features

Realtime, Local, Sharable Weather


When you want to know if it's Raining, or Sunny or Cloudy... Back home or where you're going.


Because you need to know the Weather NOW, not last hour or yesterday... We deliver YOUR weather NOW.


Got Browser? View your Weather anywhere on your local network... No App Required.


Show your family EXACTLY what they are missing... Share your weather with the world.


Upload YOUR data to YOUR website... or another Weather Service (WeatherUnderground, CWOP, PWSWeather, Windy...).

Web Display

Viewable Locally and Remote

App Display

Your Weather in your hand.
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Sky State

Always know what the sky state is like at your Weather Station. Based on user-submitted observations and a historical look at your precise location, WeatherBox predicts an accurate 'sky' view.

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Rain State

WeatherBox shows you the raw rain data from your Weather Station. How hard is it raining? How much rain are you getting? When did the rain start? How long did it rain? What are the daily/weekly/monthly rain totals?

WxBox Stations

Sample LIVE Stations

What is WeatherBox all about?


WeatherBox (wxBox) is a weather-delivery service.

wxBox consists of three components.
  • wxBox Mobile App
    The Mobile App is an on-the-go weather display. It allows you to view your weather data, LIVE. In addtion, if you utilize the wxBox Weather Collector (below), you can share with your family and friends.

  • wxBox Global Website
    The Global Website displays the same interface as the Mobile App. Again, your weather, LIVE. In addtion, if you utilize the wxBox Weather Collector (below), you can share with your family and friends.

  • wxBox Weather Collector
    The Weather Collector is a local-network application/device. It collects weather data from your weather station(s), and publishes it on your local network, and globally, LIVE.
    The Weather Collector runs on a variety of operating systems. Options include a dedicated Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux and MacOS.
    The Weather Collector is compatible with a variety of weather station brands: Davis Instruments (Vantage PRO/Vue, Weather Wizard III, Weather Monitor II, etc), Campbell Scientific, PEET, Ambient, WeatherFlow. Other brands are be added as neededd.
    (All brands are trademarks of their respective parent companies)

How Do I Get WeatherBox?

For more information, or to become a WeatherBox Data provider...
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